How to Use Sublime Text 2

by on February 26, 2012 in
How to Use Sublime Text 2 Difficulty Level: Beginner
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Additional Resources – Sublime Text 2’s Official website – Package Control’s installation snippet


Kobi Ben Itamar shows us a great ST2 tutorial he found…

Thanks. btw, have you seen this Sublime Text Workflow?
It’s worth your time.

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  • Chit Thiri Maung

    Thank for sharing ..Useful post

  • CompMike

    Great job. Getting started with Sublime Text can be really hard. But once you learn to use it, nothing’s better. 

  • Cory

    De nada. Glad I could help.

  • Thaweesak

    The video doesn’t seem to work on the iPad. ;(

    • Cory

      Sorry Thaweesak. I was using fancy pantsy HTML5 video, but then Chrome started crashing (“Aw Snap!”) all the time. Rather than wait on Chrome’s dev team to actually fix a bug (lol), I decided to scheme and pluginify an FLV player.

      Looks better and I don’t have to convert my video file into separate formats for every browser known to man (takes… for… ever…), but doesn’t work on iStuff and you can’t skip forward in the videos (sucks man).

      All-in-all, I lose some iStuff visitors but save a lot of Chrome viewers and it’s a much quicker way for me go from desktop to website so there’s more content.

      Again, sorry about the inconvenience. I hope you’ll subscribe to the site and check it out from home. Also, some of the screencasts (under 10 min) are on YouTube which should still work.

      • Thaweesak

        No worries. I have watched the video on my mac. :) It’s not like I can use Sublime on the iPad anyways.
        Keep it up! The video’s been really useful.

        • Cory

          Thanks for coming back to it. I’ll keep an eye out for a perfect video player.

  • Dog Duty

    Nice video. Thanx for sharing.

  • Kobi Ben Itamar

    I think I found the next Chris Coyier  :-)

    • Cory

      haha, yeah right. I appreciate it, but Chris does a lot of research on his articles before he releases them to make sure they withstand the test of time. I usually just record whatever little tricks and stuff I know off the top of my head and hope it helps some random person. ;)

      Thanks again though. Spread the word.

      • Kobi Ben Itamar

        I sure will spread the word.
        Don’t forget that css-tricks’s first screen casts weren’t what the more recent ones are. I’m sure he got to sharpen his flow and explaining techniques along the long way.
        Besides, I think you’re off to a better starting point than him. 
        Cheers and thanks for your efforts.

        • Cory


          • Kobi Ben Itamar

             Thanks. btw, have you seen this Sublime Text Workflow?
            It’s worth your time.

          • Cory

            This is awesome! I updated the post to reflect this find. He gives a great tutorial.

            I’m not big on paying for a bunch of plugins, but this is definitely a cool workflow.

            For the Windows cheapskates like myself, replicate Divvy by dragging your windows to the far left and right of your screen. They’ll instantly take up 50% on each side.

            You can’t replicate LiveReload, but you can Alt+Tab to your browser, hit F5 to refresh, and voila. Not as seamless, but LiveReload has shoddy Windows support anyway (I’ll buy it when Windows is fully supported). Besides, how often are you going to be designing a site at 50% screen width? Cool for messing around on, but you’ll probably need to Alt+Tab a lot in the end… If you’re really interested in editing CSS quickly and seamlessly, maybe Chrome Autosave is for you? 

            And you don’t need SublimeSFTP at all ($16? lol). WinSCP navigates, edits, saves, updates your SFTP seamlessly. So when you hit Ctrl + S in Sublime, your host will see the changes.

            Either way, I absolutely love how he split the windows and hid his sidebar and in future tutorials you’ll see me doing that. ;)

            Thanks Kobi!

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  • Pali Madra

    Cory you just earned yourself another fan! You rock!

    Staying up late (I noticed the time on the machine was 3:24 AM in the screencast) to help other people man I do not know what to say. The other screencasts on the blog are awesome – I have my work cut out for the next one month.

    Where on the social media can I follow you – of course I have subscribed to the RSS feed already!

    • Cory

      AWESOME!!1 I am a God amongst men!!! Er, I mean, that’s cool, I’ll make sure it doesn’t go to my head…

      Here are my social media things. I update the Twitter which updates the Facebook.

      And yeah, I work all day and night until I pass out from exhaustion. Good times, good times.

      Btw, I noticed you’re a WP dev, I’m going to start releasing tutorials on that stuff (since I’m pretty handy with it) almost daily. Rendering one on basic WordPress security right now. Stay tuned. ;)

      • Pali Madra

        Looking forward to WP tutorials. 

        When I try to subscribe to the RSS feed using the icon in Chrome website address bar (using a chrome plugin) I end up subscribing to the comments RSS feed. Is there a URL for the RSS feed of the blog posts.

        Keep up the good work.

        • Cory

          On the sidebar there is a “Get Updates” section with this link:


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  • Matthew Tagg

    Thanks Corey! I enjoyed your tutorial. Busy playing with ST2.

  • Dugout

    Hey Cory, what is the program that you use when you alternate screen and drag the folder there?

    • Cory

      Like tossing windows around? FTW. :)

      Hold Ctrl + Alt, then start hitting things on your number pad. You’ll learn it in a minute flat.

  • Miki

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial It was super helpful!!! :D