Sublime Text 2 CDN Quickstart Projects

by on April 22, 2012 in
Sublime Text 2 CDN Quickstart Projects Difficulty Level: Beginner


Bleh, I’m stupid, you don’t need a CDN at all, you can use “file:///C:/Users/my_username/Desktop/” instead. :)
Naturally I figured this out about 5 seconds after I rendered/converted/uploaded/posted this video…

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how I personally create my project boilerplates in about 3 seconds using Sublime Text 2, Sidebar Enhancements, Fetch, and my CDN (happens to be Rackspace for the curious).

Download Video

External Resources

Nettuts+ Fetch
Sidebar Enhancements
A CDN of your choice (they’re dirt… dirt… cheap – everyone should have one) – RackSpace or Amazon S3
Something to easily manage your CDN files with – Cyberduck

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